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Irish Senior Cup, Men’s, Match Report. Lisnagarvey v UCD.

Irish Senior Cup, Men’s, Match Report. Lisnagarvey v UCD.


Lisnagarvey 3 (B Nelson (2), A Williamson) UCD 2 (A Meates, S Byrne).

Hosts Lisnagarvey have won the Men’s Irish Senior Cup for the 2019/20 season in an exciting 3-2 win over a strong UCD’s Men’s team. The Lisnagarvey club have previously won the prestigious Irish Senior Cup a total of 23 times, and will now add their names to it for a 24th time since the Cup came into existence in 1894.

The game started at an incredible pace with Lisnagarvey’s Ben Nelson securing the opening goal of the game within the first 90 seconds. However, UCD’s Andrew Meates secured the equaliser before the clock had reach two and half minutes. UCD pressed hard and were awarded a Penalty Corner at 8minutes. The insertion from David Nolan provided Guy Sarratt with a shot on Lisnagarvey’s James Milliken, who saved it well with the rebound from Nolan going wide. UCD created a number of opportunities for themselves in the opening quarter, however the Lisnagarvey defence kept the score level as first quarter ended.

UCD took the lead in the second quarter with a goal from Sam Byrne. An aerial pass from Meates coming in close to the goal saw Sarratt attempt to knock it in, hitting the post, and Byrnes finishing the job on the rebound to give UCD the lead. A Green Card for Lisnagarvey’s Chambers saw UCD take advantage of their brief spell with an extra player. Attacking again, Sarratt crossed to Murphy for a shot on Milliken, resulting in a Penalty Corner for UCD. An early break in the Lisnagarvey line resulted in a repeated Penalty Corner with one less defender in place, however Sarratt’s shot was well saved by James Milliken again. Despite UCD dominating play in the second quarter, Lisnagarvey finished the first half with a run from Daniel Nelson creating an opportunity for Harry Morris. The shot went wide with the half-time score remaining Lisnagarvey 1 – 2 UCD.

Lisnagarvey found their rhythm in the second half. A Penalty Corner shot from James Corry going just wide, followed shortly afterwards by another attack from McNelis and Chambers in the UCD circle. UCD manage to clear their lines, however Lorimer, Lynch and Bell ensured play remained in the UCD half. Despite the level of pressure from the hosts UCD defended well with possession swapping regularly between the two teams.

Sarratt secured a brief reprieve for UCD with a run into Lisnagarvey’s half, however this was quickly intercepted and Lisnagarvey were back again posing a threat to UCD’s circle. A pass from Bell to Aughey into the circle was resulted in a free out for UCD. Empey lost control of the ball giving Lisnagarvey possession again. A long drive from Lorimer in UCD’s circle was saved but not put out of danger. UCD defended well but Lisnagarvey kept possession for another shot by Lorimer, this time kicked clear by UCD Keeper Max Maguire.

A Green Card for Lorimer gave UCD a short respite. Their two minute 11 to 10 man advantage saw Alex Flynn and Peter Lynch both create opportunities to increase their lead, however these were kept out by Lisnagarvey defence. A final shot coming from UCD’s Ewan Ramsey was cleared by James Milliken, keeping the score Lisnagarvey 1 – 2 UCD at the close of the third quarter.

A Yellow Card for Lisnagarvey’s Andrew Edgar with 13 minutes to go did nothing to help UCD increase their lead. Nelson and Chambers managed to bring the ball into the UCD circle, with Nelson eventually securing the equaliser despite Lisnagarvey being a man down. Lisnagarvey continued to push, and an infringement on Nelson in the UCD circle saw a Penalty Corner awarded to the hosts, although the ensuing shot was blocked.

Andrew Williamson secured the final goal for Lisnagarvey, breaking into the UCD circle and coming within feet of the goal to push it in. UCD continued to work hard for the remainder of the game to secure an equaliser, with a Penalty Corner in the final two minutes the biggest opportunity to do so. The insertion from Nolan provided Sarratt with a chance to drag flick towards the goal, however Milliken tipped the ball to bounce it off the post, maintaining the Lisnagarvey lead.

The game remained exciting to the final whistle. With 30 seconds left on the clock, Nelson broke through the UCD circle and was met by UCD’s Andrew Tutty who’s interaction with Nelson secured him a Yellow Card, and a Penalty Corner for Lisnagarvey. In what must have been an attempt to run out the clock Lisnagarvey played the ball towards the back corner and another Penalty Corner is awarded in the short burst of play that followed. The Penalty Corner was awarded in the final second of the game with the win now secured for the hosts. The final play of the game saw Lorimer hit the post and the rebound sent wide for the final score of Lisnagarvey 3 – 2 UCD.

Lisnagarvey: J Lorimer, J Lynch, J Bell, M McNellis, J Corry, R Getty, A Williamson, B Nelson, H Morris, D Nelson, M Aughey, M Morris, C Chambers, A Edgar, M Milliken, M Connor, P Hunter, J Milliken, T Chambers, P Watson, J Ritchie.

UCD: M Maguire, J Pullen, A Flynn, A Keane, C Empey, A Tutty, A Meates, D Nolan, J Henry, M Samuel, P Lynch, G Sarratt, C Murphy, E Ramsay, J Guilfoyle, S Wells, S Byrne, I De Boe Agnew

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Irish Senior Cup, Women’s, Match Report. UCD v Pegasus.

Irish Senior Cup, Women’s, Match Report. UCD v Pegasus.


UCD 3 (H McLoughlin, M Carey, K Egan) Pegasus 1 (Maguire).

UCD Ladies Hockey have won the women’s Irish Senior Cup for the third time in four years as the Clubs at last got the chance to finish off the 2019/2020 Senior Cup fixtures.

UCD took an early lead with two goals in the opening quarter. A Penalty Corner in the first five minutes saw KJ Marshall insert for UCD and Hannah McLoughlin put the opening goal on the scoreboard. UCD’s Michelle Carey showed off some impressive skills shortly afterwards to make it 2-0 to UCD. With a number of Pegasus defenders in the circle trying to keep her out, Carey lifted the ball onto her stick in mid-air, juggling it as she moved before hitting it in past Pegasus keeper Todd.

UCD were the dominant team in the opening quarter, although Pegasus were not without opportunity. UCD’s Cassin kept her cool to prevent the first real opportunity for Pegasus getting them on the scoreboard. While a side-line shot across the goal from outside the circle for Shirley McCay went wide without a Pegasus player there to receive it.

Pegasus came out fighting in the second quarter, with a number of early entries into the UCD circle, although kept out of the goal each time. UCD’s Patton had an opportunity on the Pegasus goal. While it was kept out by Todd, a Penalty Corner was awarded shortly after. Similar to their first Penalty Corner, Marshall inserted, and McLoughlin took a shot, however Todd was able to save the ball, and Curran’s attempt with the rebound went wide. Pegasus’ Lucy McKee followed this shortly after with a quick charge down the pitch to challenge UCD, which ultimately was defended. However, an interception from UCD passes saw Beggs with the opportunity to take a shot, not quite producing a goal for the Pegasus side but did succeed in securing a Penalty Corner for them. The insertion from Beggs provided McCay with a shot, deflected from the goal by defence and resulting in a second Penalty Corner. A similar insertion and shot routine followed, although Pegasus lost control of the ball and the half-time score remained UCD 2 – 0 Pegasus.

Pegasus retained the energy they brought to the second quarter for the remainder of the game. Although UCD secured a Penalty Corner early in the second half, this was saved by Todd and rebound was well defended. UCD were able to apply pressure early on in this quarter, however Pegasus seemed to spend much more time in the UCD half of the pitch throughout. A Penalty Corner for Pegasus same Maguire insert to Harvey, with McCay able to find Maguire again, unmarked, to bring Pegasus back into the game; UCD 2 – Pegasus 1.

Pegasus returned for the final quarter of the match applying serious pressure on UCD in search of an equaliser. The first chance of the quarter coming from Beggs in the UCD circle, although it was well defended by UCD. A Penalty Corner to Pegasus provided McCay with another shot on the UCD goal, however keeper Clodagh Cassin again ensured UCD kept their lead. The pressure from Pegasus was clear when on two occasions UCD opted for long shots down the pitch. Both times failed to see them make any progress towards the Pegasus goal as the UCD players remained in their own half in order to face the attacking Pegasus players. Despite the dominant presence of the Pegasus players in the UCD half of the pitch, Pegasus struggled to stay in the UCD circle when attacking.

With just over seven minutes left on the clock, UCD managed to push back into Pegasus’ half of the pitch. A lovely run from Carey, passed to Young, who was able to provide Katherine Egan with a shot brought UCD to a 3 – 1 lead over Pegasus with just five minutes on the clock. The reaction from Pegasus saw them move to 11 outfield players. While they continued to press throughout the final minutes of the game, UCD remained strong and Pegasus were unable to change the score before the final whistle.

UCD: L Gunning, C Cassin, A Elliott, S Thomas, N Carey, K Egan, M Carey, S Kelly, H Mcloughlin, C Cope, G Keane, O Patton, S Patton, S Young, E Young, E Curran, N  Heisterkamp, KJ Marshal.

Pegasus: E Armstrong, C Harvey, R Maguire, T Doherty, E Montgomery, M Dougan, N McIvor, M Harvey, L McKee, O Berry, A Speers, S McCay, K McDonald, K Gourley, S Thompson, C Beggs, A Robinson, M Todd.

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Hockey Ireland Cup Competition Finals 2019/20 Programmes

Due to Covid19 Restrictions we are unable to provide Hard Copy Programmes for our Cup Competition Finals this year. Instead we have below online PDF programmes will can be downloaded or viewed by phone/tablet or printed at home.

Hockey Ireland Cup Competition Finals 19 Sept 2020 Programme.pdf

Hockey Ireland Cup Competitions Finals 20 Sept 2020 Programme.pdf

Hockey Ireland Cup Competition Finals 27 September 2020 Programme.pdf

Good luck to all the teams who are competing in this years Cup Competition Finals.

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Irish Senior Cup to be Live Streamed on Pundit Arena

Hockey Ireland is excited to finally see the Irish Senior Cup take place in Lisnagarvey Hockey Club, Hillsborough Co. Down, this Saturday 19th of September.

The Irish Senior Cup Women’s match will take place at 13:00, with Pegasus taking on UCD, while the Men’s match gets underway at 16:30 with Lisnagarvey also taking on UCD.

The prestigious Irish Senior Cup is the oldest Hockey Cup in the world, dating back to 1894 when it was first won by Dundrum. Last year’s runners-up, Lisnagarvey, have had their name engraved on the Cup a total of 23 times, although 2005 was the last time they did so. UCD Men’s team on the other hand will be aiming to get their names engraved on the Cup for the first time in their history.

The Women’s Irish Senior Cup dates back to 1903 with Merton Hockey as the inaugural winners. Since then, Pegasus have won the Cup 14 times, most recently in 2011, while UCD Women’s team have won the Cup 6 times, with four of those wins in the past decade.

Hockey Ireland are also excited to announce the Irish Senior Cup matches will be lived streamed on Saturday. Hockey Ireland CEO, Jerome Pels, said “After an unprecedented year, this is a unique and exciting start to the Hockey calendar. Although restrictions are still in place across the country and within sport, Hockey Ireland is delighted to announce we will be streaming the Irish Senior Cup matches live with Pundit Arena. We hope this will give the whole Hockey Community a chance to watch these matches after a long period of restrictions.

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Hockey Ireland Challenge & Junior Cup Finals, Sunday 20th Sept.

Re: Hockey Ireland Challenge & Junior Cup Finals, Sunday 20th Sept.

Venue: UCD Belfield. & Covid-19 protocols.

Hockey Ireland would like to confirm, that in accordance with current Covid-19 protocols in operation within the Republic of Ireland, the cup finals scheduled to be played in UCD, Belfield next Sunday, 20th Sept., will be played behind closed doors. There will be no admittance for spectators.

The Government of the Republic of Ireland is due to announce details of a new ‘Road Map’ today, 15th Sept.’20, a plan designed to enable society to function in a Covid-19 world. Any details contained within this plan as they relate to spectator attendance at outdoor sporting events will not be applied to the finals next Sunday. Hockey Ireland are unable to implement the necessary health and safety measures required under Covid-19 protocols to make the stadium a safe environment in the time available.

In order to ensure that as many of your members as possible can view these finals Hockey Ireland is arranging for both games to be streamed live.

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Hockey Ireland Cup Competitions 2020-21 Draws Announced

The 2020/21 Hockey Ireland Cup Competition Draws took place on the 10th September and were live tweeted on the Hockey Ireland Twitter Page.

The full draws are available here below

Hockey Ireland Cup Competiton Draws 2020-21.xlsx

The Competition Season will kick off on the 10th October with some strong pairings on both sides of the Irish Senior Cup


Railway Union V. Cork Harlequins
Clontarf V. Kilkeel
Portrane V. Cork Church of Irl
Instonians V. Rathgar

ISC Women

Corinthian V. Cork Church of Irl.
Glenanne V. Banbridge
UCC V. Monkstown

The 10th October will also see the start of the Irish Hockey Trophy with some equally tough matches



IHT Women


The 7th November will see the IJC kick off for the men and women and will be hotly contested this season



IJC Women


Halloween will see the beginning of the Womens Irish Hockey Challenge with the first matches looking strong

IHC Women


Last season saw the Men’s Irish Hockey Challenge competition take on a new look with two pools of team playing for a chance to make the semi finals. This seems to have been a winning formula for the Irish Hockey Challenge as the number of teams taking part this year has increased over past seasons and should prove to to make this the most exciting Men’s Irish Hockey Challenge we have seen for a while. Fixtures for the Men’s Irish Hockey Challenge will be announced in the coming days but the two pools of teams are confirmed to be:


Best of luck to all teams competing in this seasons Hockey Ireland Cup Competitions.

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Hockey Ireland Cup Competitions 2019-20 Finals

The schedule for the Hockey Ireland Cup Competition Finals 2019/20 has been announced. Please note that these fixtures are subject to Government Guidelines and Covid19 Restrictions. Information regarding Spectators etc will be posted closer to the finals dates.

Many thanks to Lisnagarvey Hockey Club who have agreed to host the majority of the Cup Finals.


Sat.19th Sept. @ Lisnagarvey HC

12.30 Men’s Challenge Final: Portrush v. Antrim (Green Pitch)

13.00 Women’s Irish Senior Cup Final: Pegasus v. UCD (Blue Pitch)

16.00 Men’s Trophy Final: Belfast Harlequins v. Portrane (Green Pitch)

16.30 Men’s Irish Senior Cup Final: Lisnagarvey v. UCD (Blue Pitch)

Sunday 20th Sept: @ UCD, Belfield.

13.30 Women’s Irish Junior Cup: Old Alexandra v. Pembroke Wanderers

16.00 Women’s Challenge Final: NICS v. Blackrock.

Sunday 27th Sept. @ Lisnagarvey HC.

13.00 Women’s Trophy Final: Lisnagarvey v. Nth.Kildare/Portadown

16.30 Men’s Irish Junior Cup Final: Lisnagarvey v. Corinthian

Statement Re Appeals from Munster, Avoca & Cork Harlequins EYHL2

Hockey Ireland statement regarding the Munster Hockey Branch, Avoca Hockey Club & Cork Harlequins Hockey Club Appeals


2 September 2020

On 5th August 2020, the Board of Hockey Ireland resolved not to allow any additional teams, over and above the agreed provincial nominations, into next year’s Men’s EYHL2 League. Munster Hockey Branch, Avoca Hockey Club, and Cork Harlequins Hockey Club subsequently appealed this decision, pursuant to Hockey Ireland’s bye-laws. The three appeals were held separately on Wednesday 26th August. The Avoca Hockey Club appeal was rejected, and the Munster Hockey Branch appeal was partly upheld. The Cork Harlequins Hockey Club appeal was upheld and the Appeal Panel ruling requires Hockey Ireland to make the necessary arrangements to permit their participation in the coming season’s EYHL2 League.

Hockey Ireland accepts the decision of all three Appeal Panel rulings and has reviewed the 5th August decision with regard to the inclusion of additional teams, over and above those allowed for under the current agreement between the provinces. In line with the Appeal Panel’s decision, Hockey Ireland will allow the inclusion of three additional teams in next season’s Men’s EYHL2 League, one team for each of the three Provincial Branches that compete in the Men’s EYHL2 League: Munster; Leinster; and Ulster. The inclusion of extra teams is on a one year only basis and refers to the coming season only. Additional teams are to be selected on a merit basis in line with the current nomination process as outlined in the Hockey Ireland Competition Rules.

Hockey Ireland believes that this meets the requirement of the Appeal Panel, provides equity and balance across the respective three provinces and, in using a merit-based approach, provides clarity and a rationale to clubs as to how teams were selected.

Hockey Ireland would like to thank the Appeal Panel in dealing with these difficult issues and for providing clarity for the next season.

EYHL2 Statement Appeal v2.5.pdf


Irish Hockey Trophy SF Nth. Kildare v. Portadown postponed

Due to the extension of the Covid19 lockdown period in Kildare to include the weekend of 6th September 2020, the Cups Competition SWG has postponed the Irish Hockey Trophy semi-final between Nth Kildare and Portadown scheduled to be played at the Nth Kildare venue.

Clubs will be notified of the revised date for this fixture early next week.

It is not anticipated that this postponement will in any way affect the scheduling of the final on Sunday 27th Sept.

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Hockey Ireland Statement Regarding Decision from Sports Dispute Solutions Ireland

Hockey Ireland Statement Regarding Decision from Sports Dispute Solutions Ireland on the EuroHockey League and Club Championship Positions 2020/21.

21 August 2020

On the 9th of April 2020, the 2019/2020 EYHL season was declared null and void by the Hockey Ireland Board due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

This was based on the recommendation of a Competitions Working Group that included the Hockey Ireland Competitions Committee and representation from each of the four provinces. This group, after extensive consultation and consideration, presented a series of recommendations to the Hockey Ireland Board regarding all hockey competitions on the island of Ireland. The Competitions Committee also recommended the representatives for the 2020/2021 European Hockey competitions – the EuroHockey League and EuroHockey Club Championship. It was recommended that the four teams selected to represent Ireland in 2019/2020 season should remain the representatives for 2020/2021.

This recommendation was reviewed and subsequently approved by the Hockey Ireland Board at a meeting on 5th May, resolving that the four clubs representing Ireland in the European Hockey competitions in 2021 would remain the same as the previous year, in the same positions.

This Board decision was appealed by Lisnagarvey Hockey Club under the Hockey Ireland Bye Laws. An independent Appeal Panel met on Monday 29th June and ruled that the appeal should be upheld. This panel determined that Lisnagarvey Hockey Club should be awarded first place in the nomination for European Competitions for the 2020/2021 season, making them the representative for Ireland in the EuroHockey League.

With regard to the decision of the Appeal Panel, it was Hockey Ireland’s position that the Panel focussed on Lisnagarvey Hockey Club’s appeal without any, or insufficient, regard to the consequences of such a change to the broader Hockey Ireland decision. Upon receipt of the Appeal Panel decision, Hockey Ireland considered all available options open to it and decided to refer the Appeal Panel’s decision to Sport Dispute Solutions Ireland as allowed for within the Hockey Ireland Bye Laws.  Sport Dispute Solutions Ireland is an independent specialised dispute resolution service for Irish Sport.

As Hockey Ireland’s designate appeal body, a request to Sport Dispute Solutions Ireland for mediation/arbitration is the final solution to an appeal when all processes within Hockey Ireland have been exhausted.

Hockey Ireland has fully engaged with the Sport Dispute Solutions Ireland arbitration process and would like to thank the SDSI for providing the final conclusion for a very difficult matter.

The arbitration hearing took place on 13th August 2020 and we have now been informed that the Sole Arbitrator upholds the appeal of the Hockey Ireland Board. Consequently, the decision of the Hockey Ireland Board of 5th  May 2020, so far as it relates to the Men’s EFH Club Competition 2020/21 selection is reinstated.

A full reasoned decision has been communicated to all the clubs involved. In summary, in the Sole Arbitrators view, the Board decision was made “without any procedural infirmity, in the absence of which, there was no basis for the Hockey Ireland Appeal Panel to overturn the decision of the Hockey Ireland Board”.  The Arbitrator further stated that there is a reasonable argument to be made that an alternative decision or conclusion could have been reached by the Board, but that is entirely subjective.  It was clearly open to the Board to make the decision it did.

Reinstating the 5th May Board decision means that the following club will represent Ireland at the EuroHockey League for the 2020/21 season:

  • Pegasus Hockey Club Women will retain their position as the representative in the Euro Hockey League;
  • Three Rock Rovers Hockey Club Men retain their position as the representative for the Euro Hockey League;
  • Loreto Hockey Club Women retain their position as the representative for the EuroHockey Club Trophy;
  • Lisnagarvey Hockey Club’s Men retain their position for the EuroHockey Club Trophy.

The Board of Hockey Ireland fully empathise with all clubs across all our leagues and provinces that have been impacted by decisions forced upon us by COVID-19 similar to many other sports. We have endeavoured to do the right thing in the interests of our clubs and players and we regret any upset felt by the clubs.

We would also like to put on record our sincere thanks to the Appeal Panel for the time and effort they committed to this process and in general to all the club officials and volunteers who have committed endless hours dealing with the fall out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finally, we would just like to thank all those hockey players and officials working in the front line and remind everyone to stay safe in these ongoing difficult times.

SDSI Decision Statement.pdf