The competition began in the 1982 school year. It was initially dominated by schools from Ulster, with the first fourteen winners coming from that province. The monopoly was finally broken in 1996-97 15th tournament, when Newpark School from Dublin became the first winners from Leinster. Ashton were the first school from Munster to win the All Ireland tournament. In 2019 all four semifinalists hailed from Leinster, with eventual winners, The High School, defeating St Andrews in the final.

Sixteen teams compete in the finals. The teams are drawn into four pools with four teams each. Each team plays the other three teams in their group once. Each group winner then play one of the other group winners in a semi-final match. The two semi-final winners then play each other in the final. The winner of the final is presented with the Tasmanian Shield.

Previous Winners and Runner Up

Year  Winners Runner-Up
2022 Banbridge The High School
2021 Bandon Grammar Banbridge Academy
2020 No Competition
2019 High School St Andrews
2018 Newtown School Banbridge Academy
 2017 St Andrews Wesley College
 2016 St Andrews Banbridge Academy
 2015 Banbridge Academy Wesley College
 2014 St Andrews Wallace HS
 2013 St Andrews Wesley College
 2012 St Andrews Wesley College
 2011 Banbridge Academy Cookstown
 2010 Banbridge St. Andrews
 2009 Wesley College Wallace HS
 2008 St Andrews Wesley College
 2007 Cookstown Banbridge
 2006 Banbridge Academy RBAI
 2005 Bandon GS RBAI
 2004 Wesley College Bandon GS
 2003 RBAI Bandon GS
 2002 Wesley College RBAI
 2001 St Andrew’s Wesley College
 2000 Ashton Wesley College
 1999 Kilkenny College Ashton
 1998 Ashton Wesley College
 1997 Bangor Ashton
 1996 Newpark Wesley College
 1995 RBAI MCB
 1994 RBAI Cookstown HS
 1993 Wellington Friends S
 1992 Banbridge Academy RBAI
 1991 RBAI Wesley College
 1990 RBAI Newpark
 1989 Bangor GS RBAI
 1988 RBAI Banbridge Academy
 1987 Wallace HS MCB
 1986 RBAI Bandon GS
 1985 MCB Wallace HS
 1984 Newry HS Wallace HS
 1983 Newry HS Wallace HS
 1982 Newry HS Banbridge Academy