EYHL 2 Round 2 Preview

The Men’s and Women’s EY Hockey League 2 enters its second round of fixtures this weekend. On the men’s side in Group A, Corinthians play their first match as they host Cork Harlequins in St Columba’s College at 3.15 pm. The Cork side will hope they can bounce back after losing their first match against Railway Union last weekend by the odd goal in nine. The Park Avenue side host Queens at 1.30 pm in the other tie in Group A.

In Group B, Bandon plays their first game of the 2022/23 campaign against South Antrim in Bandon Grammar at 1 pm. Kilkeel welcomes Dublin side Avoca to Kilkeel High School at 2.30 pm with both teams looking to record their first points of the season, each side coming away pointless in the first round, both coming out the wrong side of a 2-1 scoreline.

In the women’s competition, Group A sees Avoca travel to Muckross in an early top-of-the-table clash at 1.30 pm, while Ulster Elks get their campaign under way against a travelling University of Galway side in Dangan.

In Group B, Corinthians are at home to Queens in St Columba’s College at 1.15 pm. It is Queens’ first game in the competition this season, while Corinthians took three points after beating Cork Harlequins 4-1 in round one. The other tie in Group B sees Ballymoney welcome Cork Harlequins to the Joey Dunlop Centre at 2.30 pm. Ballymoney will hope to build on their Round 1 win, their 7-2 victory over Galway the biggest winning margin of the day.

Fixtures – Saturday 19th November


Corinthian v Cork Harlequins in St Columbus College at 3:15 pm

Railway v Queens in Railway at 1:30 pm

Kilkeel v Avoca in Kilkeel High School at 2:30 pm

Bandon v South Antrim in Bandon Grammar at 1:00 pm



University of Galway v Ulster Elks in Dangan 14:30 pm

Muckross v Avoca in Muckross at 1:30 pm

Corinthian v Queens in St Columbus College at 1:15 pm

Ballymoney v Cork Harlequins in Joey Dunlop center at 2:30 pm


EY Hockey League Round 7 & EY 2 Recap

Round 7 of the EY Hockey League.

Here’s everything you need to know from Round 7:


Saturday 12th November


Lisnagarvey collects 3 more points after their 2-0 defeat against YMCA and sits level at top of the table with Banbridge who walks away with another clean sheet putting past 6 goals against Instonians. Annadale kept a steady pace putting a goal in the back of the net during each quarter taking a 4-0 win against Cookstown. A.Empey with a hattrick followed by goals from J.Walker, P.Lynch and B.Ryder put Three Rock Rovers 6-2 up at the final whistle. Glenanne came away with a clean sheet as they put past 3 goals against the home team Pembroke.

Three Rock Rovers 6-2 Monkstown (TRR; A.Empey x3, J.Walker, P.Lynch, B.Ryder, Monkstown; R.Nichols x2)
Pembroke Wanderers 0-3 Glenanne – (Glenanne; B. Venter, S.O’Donoghue, J.Rogan)
Annadale 4-0 Cookstown – (Annadale; T.Cross, A. McLister, D.Tremlett, S.Pinion)
Lisnagarvey 2-0 YMCA – (Lisnagarvey; A.Williamson x2)
Banbridge 6-0 Instonians – (Banbridge; P.Brown, H.McShane, L.Rowe, E.Magee, J.Moffett, J.McKee)



Catholic Institue cruised through another win and sits comfortably top of the table after a 3-2 defeat against Ards. Belfast Harlequins took the lead against Peagus but a goal from K.McKee saw it end 1-1. Hosts Railway Union saw a 2-1 finish against Old Alex with K.Mullan scoring on her debut for Railway. Loreto saw the same scoreline putting two past UCD. O.Macken guaranteed Pembroke their win against Monkstown putting two past the goalkeeper.

Catholic Institute 3-2 Ards – (C.I; N.Carroll, R.Upton, J.Clein, Ards; Z.Malseed x2)
Loreto 2-1 UCD – (Loreto; C.Sheeran, S.O’Brien, UCD; M.Carey )
Railway Union 2-1 Old Alex – (R.U; O Patton, K Mullan Old Alex; D Duke)
Belfast Harlequins 1-1 Pegasus – (B.H; J.Hong; Pegasus; K.McKee)
Pembroke Wanderers 2-1 Monkstown – (P.W; O.Macken x2, Monkstown; E.Kealy )



Queens University 2-3 Cork Church of Ireland – (Queens University: C Large; J Hermon Cork Church of Ireland: S Wolfe; J Spillane x 2)
Cork Harlequins 4-5 Railway – (Cork Harlequins: T Cotter; J Dale x 2; B Roberts Railway Union: M English x 3; J Kentwell; J Pillow)
Avoca 1-2 UCD -(Avoca: Z de Boe UCD: M Collins; K O Dea)
South Antrim 2-1 Kilkeel – (South Antrim: J Brown; M Taylor Kilkeel: D Rae)

Muckross 4-2 University of Galway – (Muckross: E Mathews; S Quill x 2; A Battimer University of Galway: M Clinton; A Folan)
UCC 0-2 Avoca – (Avoca: I Field; R Ladd)
Cork Harlequins 1-4 Corinthians – (Cork Harlequins: M Barry Corinthian: S Maleady; J McGrane x 2; L McGrane)
Galway 2-7 Ballymoney – (Galway: R Dillon; A Manley Ballymoney: K Boyd x 2; A Kirgan; L McCartney x 2; K Moore x 2)




EYHL 2 Round 1 Preview

The EYHL 2 is about to kick off this weekend. Here are all the fixtures…



Queens University v Cork Church of Ireland – 12:45 pm at Queens University 

Cork Harlequins v Railway – 3:00 pm at Cork Harlequins Park 

Avoca v UCD – 2:30 pm at Newpark School 

South Antrim v Kilkeel – 2:30 pm at South Antrim HC 



Muckross v University of Galway – 1:30 pm at Muckross School 

UCC v Avoca – 2:00 pm at the Mardyke 

Cork Harlequins v Corinthians – 12:45 pm at Cork Harlequins Park 

Galway v Ballymoney – 1:00 pm at Dangan 

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EY Hockey League Round 7 Preview

Round 7 of the EY Hockey League this weekend.

This weekend a doubleheader will be live-streamed on our Youtube channel. Watch Pembroke M1 take on Glenanne and Pembroke L1 take on Monkstown. Hockey Ireland YouTube

Saturday 11th November

Three Rock Rovers v Monkstown – 1:00 pm at Grange Road 

Pembroke Wanderers v Glenanne – 2:00 pm at Serpentine Avenue 

Annadale v Cookstown – 2:30 pm at Lagan College 

Lisnagarvey v YMCA – 3:00 pm at Lisnagarvey HC 

Banbridge v Instonians – 6:00 pm at Havelock Park 


Catholic Institute v Ards 1:00 pm at Rosbrien 

Loreto v UCD 1:15 pm at Loreto Beaufort 

Railway Union v Old Alex 1:30 pm at Park Avenue 

Belfast Harlequins v Pegasus 2:30 pm at Deramore Park 

Pembroke Wanderers v Monkstown 4:00 pm at Serpentine Avenue 

Ey Hockey League Round 6 Recap

Round 6 of the EY Hockey League.

Here’s everything you need to know from Round 6:


Saturday 22nd October


Banbridge collects 3 more points after their 5-2 defeat against Three Rock Rovers and sits level at top of the table with Lisnagarvey. Monkstown took an early lead against Annadale but a hattrick from R Nichols saw it end 3-3. O Kidd scored the game-winning goal for Lisnagarvey in their 2-1 win against Glenanne.

T Kok with a hattrick followed by a goal from I Perrott put YMCA 4 ahead of Cookstown at the final whistle. In Shaw’s Bridge home team Instonians pushed Pembroke Wanderers for a tough fight putting 5 in the back of the net with J Lyner giving Pembroke one.

Cookstown v YMCA 0-4 Goals (YMCA T Kok x3; I Perrott)

Banbridge v Three Rock Rovers 5-2 Goals (Banbridge: C Rowe; P Browne; J Rowe x 2; J McKee; Three Rock Rovers: A Empey and R Canning)

Instonians v Pembroke Wanderers 5-1 Goals (Instonians: T Orr; M Watt x 2; G Lecky; B Palmer; Pembroke Wanderers: J Lyner)

Glenanne v Lisnagarvey 1-2  Goals (Glenanne: S O’Donoghue; Lisnagarvey: O Kidd x 2)

Monkstown v Annadale 3-3 Goals (Monkstown: R Nichols x3; Annadale: N Glassey; C McKeon x2)


After collecting six points from two games played in Belfast over the weekend, Catholic Institute has established itself as the table’s top team. On Saturday, they defeated bottom-of-the-table Belfast Harlequins 4-1, followed by beating Pegasus 2-0 thanks to goals in the final quarter from R Upton and M Barrett.

R Fitzpatrick and Y Pratt scored for Loreto, after a tough weekend at home for Pegasus seeing them defeated 2-1. C Watkins scored the game-winning goal for Monkstown in their 2-1 victory against Railway Union. R O’Brien put the only score on the board for Pembroke Wanderers as they defeated Ards 1-0. Old Alex pushed UCD in the first half putting two goals away but a goal from H McLoughlin and G Keane saw it end level in Belfield.

UCD v Old Alex 2-2 Goals (UCD: G Keane; H Mcloughlin; Old Alex: A Russell; E Malone)

Monkstown v Railway Union 2-1 Goals (Monkstown: S Twomey; C Watkins; Railway Union: L Lloyd)

Ards v Pembroke Wanderers 0-1 Goals (Pembroke Wanderers:

Belfast Harlequins v Catholic Institute 1-4 Goals (Belfast Harlequins: J Henry; Catholic Institute: N Carroll; R Upton x 2; C Moloney)

Pegasus v Loreto Hockey Club 1-2 Goals (Pegasus: L McKee; Loreto Hockey Club: R Fitzpatrick; Y Pratt)

Sunday 23rd October
Pegasus v Catholic Institute 0-2 Goals (Catholic Institute: R Upton; M Barrett)

EY Hockey League Round 6 Preview

Round 6 of the EY Hockey League this weekend.

This weekend Old Alex and UCD are playing head-to-head at the top of the table. The game will be streamed on Hockey Ireland’s YouTube page here Hockey Ireland YouTube

Saturday 22nd October

Cookstown v YMCA – Cookstown – 14:30 PM
Banbridge v Three Rock Rovers – Havelock Park – 14:45 PM
Instonians v Pembroke Wanderers – Shawsbridge – 15:00 PM
Glenanne v Lisnagarvey – St Andrews College – 15:30 PM
Monkstown v Annadale – Rathdown – 16:15 PM

UCD v Old Alex – Belfield Water – 13:00 PM
Monkstown v Railway Union – Rathdown – 14:15 PM
Ards v Pembroke Wanderers – Londonderry Park – 14:30 PM
Belfast Harlequins v Catholic Institute – Deramore Park – 14:30 PM
Pegasus v Loreto Hockey Club – Queens University – 14:30 PM

Sunday 23rd October
Pegasus v Catholic Institute – Queens University – 13:00 PM

Ey Hockey League Round 5 Recap

Round 5 of the EY Hockey League.

Here’s everything you need to know from Round 5:


Saturday 15th October


YMCA v Monkstown 2-0 Goals (YMCA: Henderson, Glutz)

0-0 at the end of the first quarter. Monkstown appears to be more threatening on the counter, although YM has the better opportunity. Henderson’s second-quarter goal put YM ahead. Tevin’s exquisite pass to Glutz put him one on one with the goalkeeper, to put it in the back of the net.

Pembroke Wanderers v Banbridge 0-4 Goals (Banbridge: J McKee x2, C Rowe, L Rowe)

Luke Roleston has kept a clean sheet for the second week in a row. After the first quarter, Banbridge lead 1-0. Banbridge players applied heavy pressure, and Matthew McKee’s excellent shot was stopped by the goalkeeper. Still, Banbridge goes up 3-0 with goals from C Rowe and J McKee. Louis Rowe scores once again in the fourth quarter.

Annadale v Three Rock Rovers 4-3 Goals (Annadale: A McAllister x 2, S Pinion, D Tremlett; Three Rock Rovers: R Dunlop; J Walker; A Empey)

Annadale close out Q1 with a gaol on the board but TRR quickly equalised with a deflection at the back post. TRR took the lead after halftime. In the 49th minute   A McAllister gave Annadale a second goal. Outstanding work by T Cross across to McAllister to finish. TRR push back to make it 3-3 but Annadale take the lead in the last quarter to finish 4-3.

Cookstown v Glenanne 2-6 Goals (Cookstown: Dingley, Cruickshank; Glenanne: Couse x3, O’Donoghue x 2, Cleak)

Glenanne take the lead at the end of the first quarter. Cookstown fought back in the second half to get a score on the board 1-3. Dingley and Cruickshank scored the finishing goals for Gleanne as the game concluded 2-6.

Lisnagarvey v Instonians 4-1 Goals (Lisnagarvey: O Kidd; M Connor x2; M Aughey; Instonians: T Orr)

The end of Q1 was Instonians with the best likelihood but Garvey started to get a better grasp. They gain an advantage and Garvey gets another corner. After the rebound, Matthew Aughey makes it 2-0. Following a brilliant play by Mackenzie the game finishes up 4-1.



Catholic Institute v Pembroke Wanderers 2-1 Goals (Catholic Institute: C Moloney, N Carroll; Pembroke Wanderers: O Macken)

10 minutes in Pembroke take the lead with Institute close behind. After Halftime Institute leads with Aoibhinn Collins making a fantastic pass to Naomi Carroll.

UCD v Monkstown 5-1 Goals (UCD: N Carey, A Naughton, K Egan, CJ Marshall, C Cope, S Cole; Monkstown: S Moore)

UCD set out against Monkstown and scored a flurry of goals. Monkstown held against them strong and scored in the final period.

Old Alex v Pegasus 1-1 Goal (Old Alex: M Power; Pegasus L McKee)

The first quarter ended scoreless for Old Alex and Pegasus. Lucy McKee took the lead for Pegasus. After halftime a rocket from inside the circle from Mikayla enters the goal, making the score 1-1.

Loreto v Belfast Harlequins 5-0 Goals (Loreto: Y Pratt; Torrans; R Kelly; S O Brien x 2)

After two minutes Loreto appears on the board with a goal. A nice interception finds Y Pratt, who scores for Loreto. At halftime Loreto lead 3-0 and keep fighting in the third quarter to put 2 more goals on the board.

Railway Union v Ards 2-2 Goals (Railway Union: A O’Leary x2; Ards: S Kidd, A Carson)

Railway and Ards had a close fight. End-to-end play with Railway having the advantage in possession and chances, but Ards played strong defence and made some of their own toward halftime. Following a solid effort from Lily Lloyd, Ali O’Leary scores for Railway. For Ards, Sophia Kidd achieved the equaliser. A well-placed strike into the corner by Ali O’Leary brought the score to 1-1 at the end of the third quarter. Ali Carson scores a goal to even the score in the final push of the match.

Ey Hockey League Round 4 Recap

Round 4 of the EY Hockey League.

Here’s everything you need to know from Round 4:


Friday 7th October

Instonians v Cookstown 2-0

Goals (Instonians: M Watt, T Orr)

On Friday night Instonians welcomed Cookstown at Shawbridge. A tight first half saw both teams level with no scores on the board. Instonians then opened the gap in the third quarter with goals from Michael Watt and Tommy Orr.


Saturday 8th October


Three Rock Rovers V YMCA 3-2

Goals (Three Rock Rovers: H McMahon, A Haughton, J Walker; YMCA: A Walker, S Hyland)

Ben Whelan’s last-minute penalty stroke save saw Three Rock Rovers hold on to win their third game in four outings in the men’s EY Hockey League this season.
It denied YM an equaliser in the closing moments as they came close to snatching a point in a big comeback. The Y had led in the first minute when Adam Walker put his side in front from a penalty corner.
Harry MacMahon equalised when his corner push found its way through the goalkeeper to make it 1-1 at half-time. Rovers then went in front courtesy of a lovely team move which ended with Josh Gill’s diagonal cross getting a touch in mid-circle from Ali Haughton to put the Grange Road hosts 2-1 up.
James Walker added another with a powerful shot after another well-worked move and it looked like Rovers were on course for the points. YM, though, created many chances with Whelan required to make a series of brilliant saves while the cover defence also scrambled away several chances off the goal line.
They got one back with four minutes to go via a Sam Hyland penalty stroke after the corner shot hit a body on the line. And, in the last minute, Hyland had another chance from the spot in similar circumstances but Whelan read his intentions to make a massive save to take all three points this time.

Glenanne V Monkstown 0-2

Goals (Monkstown: G Cole, S Cole)

Monkstown took the lead early on against Glenanne with a goal from G Cole in the first quarter. A penalty stroke in the third quarter put Monkstown 2-0 up.

Annadale V Banbridge 0-6

Goals (Banbridge: C Rowe, J Moffett, J Rowe, P Brown, A Tinney, J McKee)

Luke Roleston got his clean slate for Banbridge against Annadale. The first quarter saw two goals to give them the lead from C Rowe and J Moffett. Annadale held strong for the second quarter and put the pressure back on Banbridge. J Rowe put another score on the board with Banbridge 3 up. The final quarter gave them their final push where Banbridge finished 6-0.

Pembroke Wanderers V Lisnagarvey 1-6

Goals (Pembroke: C Hynes; Lisnagarvey: A Williamson x 2, O Kidd x 2, A Edgar, D Nelson) 

Lisnagarvey opened the game with a goal from A Williamson but was quickly equalised by C Hynes for Pembroke. Lisnagarvey came out strong in the second half putting them up 4-1 at halftime. With no scores in the third quarter, we went into the final quarter where Lisnagarvey put two more in the back of the net to see them finish 6-1.


Loreto Hockey Club V Catholic Institute 0-1

Goals (Catholic Institute: E Ryan)

Loreto welcomed Catholic Institute to Rathfarnham for a tight game. The first quarter saw a good fight for both teams trying to convert but not until the second quarter did Catholic Institute put one past Loreto to go 1-0 up. The score stayed the same till full-time for Catholic Institute to take the win.

Pembroke Wanderers V Railway Union 0-1

Goals (Railway Union: A Bourke)

Pembroke Wanderers hosted Railway Union in a close game but a reverse stick deflection 2 mins into the second half saw Railway Union take the win.

Ards V UCD 3-3

Goals (Ards: Z Malseed x2, E Robinson; UCD: L O’Shea, E Paul x2)

UCD started strong in Londonderry Park scoring two penalty corners in the first quarter. Ards weren’t far behind and levelled it all 2-2 after the second quarter, gaining another goal in the third quarter making it a hard fight in the last quarter. UCD managed to sneak the ball into the back of the net with a final score of 3-3.

Belfast Harlequins V Old Alex 1-6

Goals (Belfast Harlequins: C Whiteside; Old Alex: D Duke x2, M Power, R Heatherington, A Russell, A Heatherington)

Deirdre Duke opened it up strong for Old Alex with a goal but Quins followed close by to end the first quarter 1-1. But Duke put another goal into the back of the net to lead them into the third quarter. Old Alex made the most of their PC to finish the game 6-1.

Pegasus V Monkstown 6-2

Goals (6-2Pegasus: S McCay x2, H Craig x2, Eva Wainwright, S McDowell; Monkstown: C Mena, C Watkins)

Shirley McCay scored the opening goal that saw Pegasus lead going into the second quarter. By halftime, Monkstown and Pegasus had levelled the playing field with goals from C Mena and C Watkins. Pegasus pushed back in the last quarter where we saw 3 more goals for them to take the win.


EY League Round 4 Preview

The EY League continues this week.

Last week saw four EYHL Men’s games. Glenanne moves up on goal difference but Three Rock Rover stays close behind. Pembroke and Cookstown ended on an even scoreline at 2-2 as did YMCA and Annadale with a score of 0-0. Monkstown as part of their double header weekend faced off against Instonians with goals from Lee Cole and Theo Kohlmann saw them finish 2-0.

Monkstown also took a 4-0 win against Belfast Harlequins from the women’s side. Mikayla Power’s 6th-minute goal gave a 1-0 win to Old Alex v Loreto. Catholic Institute takes a 1-0 win over Railway Union in a close game. UCD ladies move ahead of Pembroke Wanderers after their match.

Friday 7th October

Instonians v Cookstown – 20:00 PM At Shawsbridge Sports Complex

Saturday 8th October


Three Rock Rovers V YMCA – 13:00 PM At Grange Road
Glenanne V Monkstown – 13:30 PM At St Andrew’s College
Annadale V Banbridge – 14:30 PM At Strathearn Grammar School
Pembroke Wanderers V Lisnagarvey – 16:00 PM At Serpentine Avenue


Loreto Hockey Club V Catholic Institute – 13:15 PM At Loreto Beaufort School-Rathfarnham
Pembroke Wanderers V Railway Union – 14:00 PM At Serpentine Avenue
Ards V UCD – 14:30 PM At Londonderry Park
Belfast Harlequins V Old Alex – 14:30 PM At Deramore Park
Pegasus V Monkstown – 16:15 PM At Queens University

EY League Round 3 Preview

The EY League continues this week where we will see 20 teams go head to head.

Wednesday 28th Sept


Monkstown V Old Alex

20:15 PM At Rathdown School


Saturday 1st October


Three Rock Rovers V Glenanne

13:00 PM V Grange Road

Cookstown V Pembroke Wanderers

14:30 PM At Cookstown

YMCA V Annadale

15:45 PM At YMCA

Monkstown V Instonians

16:15 PM At Rathdown



Catholic Institute V Railway

13:00 PM At Rosbrien

UCD V Pembroke Wanderers

13:00 PM At Belfield Water

Old Alex V Loreto

13:30 PM At Alexandra College

Monkstown V Belfast Harlequins

14:45 PM At Rathdown