There are 2 Divisions – EYHL and EYHL Division2 (EYHL D2).

Promotion to EYHL is via the EYHL Division 2 play-offs. Qualification to EYHL D2 is via the provincial leagues.

Each year EYHL D2 will ‘re-constitute’ based on finishing position in the provincial leagues and the EYHL in the previous season.

Each province has a number of allocations for EYHL D2 as follows:

  •  Each province has a number of allocations for EYHLD2 as follows:
    • Men: Ulster 1/2/3/4; Leinster 1/2/3/4; Munster 1/2/3
    • Women: Ulster 1/2/3; Leinster 1/2/3; Munster 1/2 ; Connacht 1/2
  • * 2022/23 Men: Ulster 1/2/3; Leinster 1/2/3; Munster 1/2/3; The 10th place in the 2022/23 Mens EYHLD2 competition will be decided through a playoff match between Leinster 4 and Ulster 4 at the playoff weekend or as decided by the IHL WG.

Clubs fill the provincial allocations when demoted from EYHL or based on their placing position in the provincial league in the current season.

Irrespective of the number of allocations per province to EYHL D2, only demoted EYHL clubs and the provincial league winner are guaranteed a place in EYHL D2 in the following season.

Where a club is demoted from EYHL, they will be allocated the highest ranking within their province for consideration for EYHL D2 in the following season. Where 2 clubs from the same province are demoted from EYHL, then the 9th place finisher will hold the highest provincial ranking.

All clubs who qualify for EYHL D2 must confirm their participation by the due date requested.

If a club is unable/un-willing to take up its qualifying place in the EYHL D2 a further invite will be offered to the next highest finishing club from that province to a  maximum of one further invitation per province.

If a qualifying club declines to take up its qualifying place and there is another lower  qualifier(s) from the same province, then the clubs ‘shuffle up’ in position to leave any gap(s) in the lowest qualifying position(s).

Notes regarding EYHL Men’s Division 2 Qualification for 2021/22 Season

For the 2021/22 Season the EYHL D2 Men’s competitions will consist of 11 clubs. These 11 clubs are made up of the qualifying clubs through the provincial leagues as well as a nominated club from Leinster, Munster and Ulster.


The below documents relate to the EY Hockey League. For all competition rules and regulations please go here


  • Each team will play all other teams on a home and away basis on the dates specified by the IHL Sub Working Group
  • The winner of the home and away league format, as per the Point Scoring System below, will qualify for the EY Hockey Champions Trophy and also for Europe as (minimum) Ireland Representative No. 2 in the following season.
  • The next 5 finishing teams in the home and away league format also qualify for the EY Hockey Champions Trophy to join the winner of the EYHL league stage.
  • The team finishing 9th and 10th in the home and away league will be relegated to their home province top division for the following season.

Points allocations is as follows:

    3 points for a win  5 points for a win 
    1 point for a draw  2 points for a draw 
    0 points for a loss  1 point for a loss by 1 goal 
      0 points for a loss by more than 1 goal