Schoolboys All Ireland 2021/2022 Tournament format

Due to concerns regarding the staging of the Schoolboy All Ireland in October in its normal format, a request was made to the HI Schools Committee to look at the format for the present academic year. Two options were proposed and these were brought back to the prospective branches for discussion and the decisions of the branches were brought by their representatives to the committee meeting for ratification. The format for the schoolboys All Ireland for this academic year is as follows

2021/2022 schedule

1. Munster remain as hosts so there will be 7 Ulster, 5 Leinster and 4 Munster sides competing.

2. Provinces organise their own qualifiers and seeding of their teams.

3. Run group phase over 3 match days with Game 1 to be played before end of November, Game 2 by December/January and Match 3 by January/February (cut off point of Friday 18th February).

4. Match days to remain flexible to accommodate exams, school commitments, Covid restrictions, etc.

5. Matches between Ulster and Munster sides to be played in Dublin or location agreed by both sides.

6. Semi final and Final to take place in March with both semi finals and final taking place on the one day. The date for the finals day to be Wednesday 30th March 2022. The semi final and final of the Herbie Sharman will also be played on this date.

Location of semi finals and final.

1. If only Leinster and Munster sides are involved, matches are held in Cork.

2. If only Leinster and Ulster sides are involved, matches are held in Banbridge.

3. If all three provinces have sides involved, matches are held in Dublin.

4. All above locations subject to agreement with local clubs/schools

The 2022 tournament reverts back to its normal format and timing in October with Munster as hosts.

All Ireland Schoolboys Championship pools

All Ireland Schoolboys All Ireland Schoolboys All Ireland Schoolboys All Ireland Schoolboys
Pool 1 Pool 2 Pool 3 Pool 4
Bandon Grammar v Newpark St Andrews v Kings Hospital Banbridge Academy v Villiers School High School v Methodist College Belfast
8 0 0 3 8 1 5 0
Friends Lisbrun v  Newpark Sullivan Upper v Ashton RBAI v Wesley College Wallace High School v Midleton College
5 0 2 1 0 6 4 4
Bandon Grammar v Cookstown High Sullivan Upper v Kings Hospital Villiers School v Wesley College Wallace High School v Methodist College Belfast
6 2 4 6 1 5 6 3
Friends Lisburn v Bandon Grammar St Andrews v Ashton Banbridge Academy v RBAI High School v Midleton College
2 4 4 1 8 0 2 2
Cookstown Newpark Ashton Kings Hospital Wesley College Banbridge Academy Midleton College Methodist College Belfast
2 v 4 0 v 8 0 v 2 5 v 0
Sullivan Upper v St Andrews Wallace High School v High School
1 3 2 2


Herbie Sharmon 
SF 1
St Andrews Highschool
2 1
SF 2
Friends Lisburn Wesley College
1 2
Wesley College St Andrews
0 0
Wesley college won in Shootout


All Ireland Schoolboys Championship
SF 1
Midleton College Banbridge Academy
0 4
SF 2
Kings Hospital Bandon Grammar
1 2
Bandon Grammar Banbridge Academy
2 2
Bandon Grammar won in Shootout