Membership System


In order to protect and develop hockey in Ireland for everyone we are seeking to introduce a registration system which will allow everyone in the hockey community to become associate members of hockey Ireland. This was debated and agreed upon at the Hockey Ireland AGM in May 2017. Since then a great deal of work has been carried out to develop the scheme so that it is ready to be rolled out. The purpose of this page is to help explain why we need to do it, to dispel any misunderstandings, outline what it will mean for players, clubs and officials, and most importantly highlight the benefits we will all enjoy as a result.

Why are we doing this and why now?

We must introduce this scheme for a package of reasons. Good governance is rightly demanded by our funders and the introduction of this scheme would bring us in line with other sports in Ireland and also other hockey federations throughout the world. Out of the top ten governing bodies in Ireland hockey is one of only three who have not introduced a membership scheme.

In order to secure the funding we so desperately need we must also demonstrate that we are not solely reliant on grants. This means that we must develop commercial relationships with sponsors, not only to fill the shortfall between what we have and what we need to adequately fund the sport, but in the future to secure the money that currently sustains us.

We have been fortunate to have a number of excellent relationships with commercial partners but it is widely accepted in the hockey community that we need and deserve more given the importance and profile of our sport in Ireland. Despite the best efforts of a number of individuals it has been difficult to secure the sponsorship agreements which would see all areas of our sport get the investment it needs to thrive and in some cases survive. In those conversations the most consistent sticking point has been our ability to explain the scale, nature and importance of the hockey playing community. The membership scheme while provide the information that sponsors need to justify their investment in us.

The sooner we get the scheme up and running the sooner we can get to a sustainable funding model so we need to act now!

What are the benefits associated with the membership scheme?

  • Our governance (the way we run the sport) will be in line with other sports and other federations which govern our sport in other nations.
  • It will help secure the investment we need from funding partners such as Sport Ireland and Sport Northern Ireland.
  • It will greatly assist us in our attempts to secure sponsorship from commercial partners. These sponsorship arrangements will not only help develop our sport but also secure the future investment we will get from funding partners because we will be able to show a variety of funding streams beyond grants from government.
  • The scheme will ensure an accurate database to streamline and improve communication to members at all levels.
  • It will provide the clubs with a unified online membership management system compliant with data protection legislation requirements.
  • It will provide data to measure the performance of Hockey Ireland relevant to any strategic initiatives.
  • It will greatly assist Hockey Ireland, the Branches and the Clubs in the day to day management of the Sport.

How will all this benefit my club?

The new scheme will simplify administration saving time and energy for the overworked club men and women. Clubs will have the option to opt out of using the system if they prefer but it is anticipated that the majority of the clubs will take the opportunity to use the system, not least with the new GDPR regulations coming into force in May 2018. Functions will include:

  • Making and receiving payments
  • Management of club information
  • Management of members information
  • Communication with club members

Ok. I’m sold on why it makes sense. What do you need me to do?

Simple really. Your club will take care of registering you and inputting your data in Year 1. Moving forward in Year 2 if details change then update as you would with any other memberships you have. It is designed to be user friendly and provide Hockey Ireland with the information it needs to realise all of the positives we mentioned above.

Is it going to cost me money?

In the first year of the scheme there will be no charge for membership of the scheme. There is a debate ongoing between Hockey Ireland, the branches and clubs about the best way to administer affiliation fees. Ultimately Hockey Ireland would like to change the current system to be fairer and more equitable but that cannot and will not change without agreement of all parties. The membership scheme will be set up to receive secure online payments making what is currently hard and difficult work for many simple and easy for everyone.

What about the security of my personal information? Is it safe? 

We take our responsibility in this area really seriously. All the information held on you and everyone else will be on a secure server compliant with all the upcoming GDPR regulations.

If you need any help or advice on the membership system please contact

How do I access the Membership System?

Please go click the following link: