Governance Structure

Hockey Ireland – Organisation Structure

The Management Board has eleven members as well as the President, Vice President, and CEO who sit ex-officio and the Company Secretary. 2 of the Committees listed below (Finance & Risk Management and Governance) are committees of the Board. The Board’s intention is to be more strategically focused, with the Committees and working groups along with staff having more responsibility for the day to day activity.  The primary driver is to engage volunteers who have an expertise and passion for a given area within the sport.

Group Name Members
Vice President
Ann Rosa
John Dennis
BOARD Board Profiles
Eric Brady, Keith Morrow, Paula Cunniffe, Sharon Hutchinson, Trevor Watkins, Jonathan Steven Hiles, Aisling Keogh, Iain Kelly, William Pollock, Rosita Wolfe, Edward Simpson
COMMITTEES Finance, Risk & Audit (Board) Keith Morrow (Chair), William Pollock, Trevor Watkins
  Coach Education Trevor Watkins (Chair), Mick McKinnon (Leinster Representative), Johnny McMeekin (Ulster Representative), Darren Wilkinson ( Munster Representative), Elayne McDermott (Connacht Representative), Phil Oakley (HI Staff)
Competitions Brian Caruth (Chair), Victor Shaw, Ann Ronan, Arjen Van As, Linda Ingram, Gerry Heaney, Rob Abbot, Iain Kelly, Marcus Blake
Governance  (Board) Aisling Keogh (Chair), William Pollock, John Dennis
High Performance Jonathan Steven Hiles (Chair), Trevor Watkins, Adam Grainger, Robert Kelly, Leah Spillane, Jerome Pels, Mick McKinnon, Ann Ronan
Participation and Development Sharon Hutchinson (Chair), Jonathan Steven Hiles, Ann Rosa, Fiona Walsh, Kevin Keane, Cliona Fergey, Linda Monaghan
Umpiring and Officiating
Welfare Committee Dwyne Hill (Chair), Sharon Hutchinson, Toni Higgins (Connacht Child Officer), Shirley Moore (Munster Child Officer), Hilary Reid (Ulster Child Officer), Deirdre Waters (Leinster Child Officer) , Ivy Dennis
Marketing & Communications Paula Cunniffe (Chair), Rosita Wolfe, Edward Simpson
Masters Edward Simpson (Chair), Sharon Hutchinson, William Pollock, Iain Kelly.
Covid Working Group Sharon Hutchinson, Jonathan Steven Hiles, Jerome Pels, Phil Oakley, Claire Kelly, Ann Rosa, Katie Osborne, Emily Jones, Marcus Scott, Cliona Fergey, Brian Caruth, Adam Grainger.
National Childrens Officer Dywne Hill
National Designated Person  Shirley Moore
Competition Sub Groups EYHL Brian Caruth, Victor Shaw, John Bell, Tom Goode, Malcolm Coombes, Linda Monaghan.
Indoor Rob Abbott (Chair), Lynn Mills, Simon Bell, Ashley Harrison, Armenia Vanas, Tara Browne, Karen Long-Eacrett, Phil Oakley.
Technical Officials Linda Ingram, Dave Kenna, Dave Acheson, Peter Jackson.
 Schools Tournament Sub Group Gerry Heany (Chair), Sarah Gray, Alice Brown, Sarah McDonald, Libby Henry, Chris Harte, George Blackwell.
  Cup Arjen Van As (Chair), Anne Shiels, Barry Crowley, John Maye, Linda Monaghan.
 Interpro’s Ann Ronan (Chair), Linda Ingram, Sarah McDonald, Shirley McCay, Sarah Gray, David Caren.
Third Level (Intervarisities) Marcus Blake (Chair), Conor Beck