Hockey Ireland’s switch to a new Go Membership system comes with the additional benefit of immediately providing insurance cover

When you play hockey all players on the pitch carry a known level of personal injury insurance at all times. This collective insurance system will be cost effective, providing a lower cost for clubs and members. To see the full policy, click here: Hockey Ireland Group PA Scheme Letter

The cover applies from 1 August 2021, to all members registered in the Hockey Ireland database. If a member has not registered to the Association, then no cover operates. It is the responsibility of the clubs to ensure all club members are registered with Hockey Ireland.

This Insurance is Effective only whilst an Insured Person is:

(a) at any ground or premises where the club has arranged a fixture or training session for the purpose of taking part in the sport of Hockey.

(b) Travelling, other than by air, to or from fixtures or training sessions as a member of an organised party under the direction of the Policyholder.

(c) Engaging in any social activity organised by the Policyholder.

Insured Sport shall mean any sporting activity which has been notified to and accepted by Arachas. The policy is intended for hockey purposes and related activities only.


The limits were chosen to ensure that covered afforded to members was competitive in price and would cover 90% of claims reported. The limits were selected based on historical claims reported over a 10 year period. Whilst we acknowledge that some clubs purchase higher limits that those selected the majority of claims for similar sports come in below the limits selected.

In terms of a costing the insurers (ARACHAS) will offer a top up facility whereby clubs who wish to buy higher limits can top up their limits over and above those selected. If a club chooses to top up their limits over and above those selected it will reduce the costs dramatically over what they currently pay to current providers. Contact: Leon O’Neill email:

Q: What activities are covered by the insurance:

A: All normal clubs’ activities will be catered for under this policy in a similar manner to any previous policies held.