National Indoor Trophy

The National Indoor Trophy is open to all to enter on an annual basis with the winners from both the men’s and women’s progressing on to represent Ireland at a European level.

The Tournament takes the form of regional qualifier stages (if the breakdown of entries merit it) culminating into the National Finals weekend.

The tournament is conducted in accordance with the Rules of Indoor Hockey and the Regulations of the F.I.H.

Past Winners

Men    Women   
Year Club Year  Club
2022 Three Rock Rovers 2022 Railway Union
2021 Covid 2021 Covid
2020 Railway Union 2020 Railway Union
2019 Three Rock Rovers 2019 Railway Union
2018 Three Rock Rovers 2018 Ards
2017 Three Rock Rovers 2017 Ards
2016 Three Rock Rovers 2016 Ards
2015 Railway Union 2015 Ards
2014 Queen’s 2014 Ards
2013 Railway Union 2013 Ards
2012 Three Rock Rovers 2012 Ards
2011 Three Rock Rovers 2011 Railway Union