Touring Team, IFWHA, South Africa, 1950

Ireland sent their first Touring Team to America in 1925. The Touring teams were selected from a panel of senior players who could generally afford to travel hence these games were not given capped status.  Ireland was a founding member of the IFWHA (International Federation of Women’s Hockey Associations) in 1927. The first IFWHA conference took place in Geneva, Switzerland in 1930 with Ireland playing in their first conference in Copenhagen in 1933.  There were 13 conferences held with the last one taking place in 1979.  The conferences were non competitive until 1975. The conferences were the precursor to what we now know as the Hockey World Cup.

The IFWHA joined forces with the FIH in 1982.


Year Location Tournament Links
1925 America link, link, link, link,
1933 Hamburg/Copenhagen IFWHA Conference link
1936 Philadelphia IFWHA Conference link, link
1938 Cologne/Brussels/The Hague
1948 Amsterdam IFWHA Conference, World Championships
1950 The Hague Easter Tournament
1950 South Africa IFWHA Conference link
1953* Folkestone, England IFWHA Conference link, link
1954 USA
1956 Australia IFWHA Conference link
1959 Amsterdam IFWHA Conference link, link
1963 Baltimore IFWHA Conference
1965 Paris
1967 Leverkusen, Germany IFWHA Conference link
1969 USA
1971 Auckland IFWHA Conference link, link, link, link
1975 Edinburgh IFWHA Conference 1st World Cup link
1979 Vancouver IFWHA Conference 2nd World Cup link

*Winners of Round Robin Tournament