Biographies, gathered from various sources, of almost all the players who have represented Ireland at women’s senior international level. They include links to photographs, articles, video clips and audio interviews.

Choose the initial of the player’s surname from the alphabetic index below and select a name from the list of players which appears. If we are missing a player or their biographies please email and let us know

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Sirname Maiden Name First Name Other
Cahalane O’Gorman Sandra
Capper R.
Carberry Barry K.
Carey Catriona
Carey Michelle
Carey Niamh
Carroll Naomi
Carter M.
Casey I.
Casey Deirdre
Cassin Clodagh
Caulfield Linda
Chambers Robyn
Channing McCarroll Joan Mrs Anthony Channing
Chapman Judith
Charters Gaffikin / Charley E.
Clancy Barry Valerie
Clancy Valerie
Clarke M.A.
Clarke I.
Clarke Maureen
Clarke Emma
Clearly Mary
Cleland McKeever Bridget
Clibborn TBC
Coakley Patsy
Coakley P.
Cole Sophia
Connery Fiona
Connery Aine
Conroy M.
Considine TBC
Conway Patricia Trish
Cooper L.
Copeland M
Corkey Olive
Corry P.
Cotter TBC
Coulson Janet
Coulter K.
Coulter H.
Mathews Courtney Deirdre
Couse Marshall Fiona
Cowan R.
Craig Caroline
Crawford Marie
Cregan Eimear
Croone J.
Crowley Miriam
Cummins Hearn Mary Ellice Ellice
Cummins Dorothy
Cummins Iris Ashley
Cummins Phyllis
Cunningham Hilary
Curran Ellen
Curtin Curran Mary