Biographies, gathered from various sources, of the players who have represented Ireland at women’s senior international level. If you have photographs, articles, video clips and audio interviews please forward to and we can include it in these pages.

Choose the initial of the player’s surname from the alphabetic index below and select a name from the list of players which appears. If we are missing a player or their biographies please email with their information and we will insert it into the relevant page

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Sirname Maiden Name First Name Other
Macassey E.
MacAuley J.
Macauley I.
MacBride A.N.
MacHugh Patricia
MacIlwaine Mrs
Mackay Rodden Constance Connie
Macken Orla
Mackessy M.
Madigan M.
Magee Dillon Pat
McGuire Ewart Leah
Maguire Ruth
Mahony G.
Malcolm M.
Mallen Kay
Malseed Zara
Manning Fiona
Manson Janet
Marshall R.
Marshall R.
Marshall related to 223 ?? V.
Martin Louisa
Martin Francis
Martin O’Reilly Hilda
Matchett Emily
Mathews Courtney Deirdre
Matthews Joan
Matthews Hannah
Maxwell Dolly
McAllister Colette
McAuley Sarah
McBride Violet
McCann Lavery Dorothy
McCarthy TBC
McCarthy Sinead
McCassey E.
McCaughern Nicky
McCay Shirley
McClean Heather
McClean Andrea
McClelland M.
McClements Lucy
McClinton D.
McConnell Kate
McCrea B.
McCrudden J.
McCullagh Irene
McDermott Finola
McDermott Elayne
McDonald Kerri
McDonnell Carnaghan Jennifer
McDonnell Jean
McDonough Jenny
McEldery McVicker Moyra
McFerran Ayeisha
McGainey / L. McGanley L.
McGarvey cant read writing L.
McGirr Jessica
McGrath Kilkelly Ger
McGuckin M.
McHale Deirdre
McIlwaine Fiona
McKay M.
McKean Cathy
McKechnie Gillian
McKechnie Avril
McKee Evelyn
McKee Major Glenda
McKelvey Hopkins Moira
McKenon F.
McKeown E.
McKeown M.
McLoughlin Hannah
McLoughlin Ellie
McMahon M.
McMahon Claire
McMaster Bahaca
McMaster Jessica
McMillan R.
McMullen Mrs
McMullen Rickard Betty
McNamara Eleanor Ellie
McRoberts Carol
McSwiney Rose
McVicker Lynsey
McWeeney Mahony Vera
McWilliams Caroline
Meeke Alison
Megaw K.
Meyler Pam
Millar Wiley Sandra
Milligan Hennessy Hilary
Mills Kim
Minch U.
Mitchell B.
Mitchell Vivien
Moffett Hollie
Mooney Nora
Mooney Dorothy
Moore Nancy
Moore Adeline
Moore Ita
Moore Louisa
Morrow L.
Morrow Angela
Mulcahy Hayley
Mullan Katie
Mulligan E.
Mulligan Eileen
Mulligan Rachel
Mullin Ann
Murnaghan Sheila
Murphy Betty
Murphy Shiela
Murphy Mary
Murphy N.
Murphy Howard Iris
Murphy M.
Murphy Elizabeth
Murray Catherine