Biographies, gathered from various sources, of the players who have represented Ireland at women’s senior international level. If you have photographs, articles, video clips and audio interviews please forward to and we can include it in these pages.

Choose the initial of the player’s surname from the alphabetic index below and select a name from the list of players which appears. If we are missing a player or their biographies please email with their information and we will insert it into the relevant page

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Paeglitis Vizzi
Paeglitis Vizi
Parker Miller Irene
Parkhill Valerie
Parkhill Shauna
Parkhill Clare
Parr G.
Parsons Clare
Pat Russell Mary
Paul Gwen
Peatt Olive
Pender K.
Perdue Caoimhe
Perrin V.
Pettit C.
Pettit M.
Peyton O.
Phillips J.
Pilkington TBC
Pim D.
Pinder Kathy
Pinder Gillian
Platt Angela
Plews Joan
Pollock B.
Potter Jacqui
Powell Bouchier Hayes Mary
Pratt McVeagh Stella
Priestly P.
Priestman Horne Joan
Prittie K.
Purcell Mary