2022 Intervarsity Competitions – this weekend 29th and 30th October

The Mauritius Cup and the Chilean Cup are making their way to Santry this weekend, where they will travel after that we wait to find out.

This years Intervarsities competitions will take place on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th October hosted by Trinity Sports at Santry.

The Mauritius Cup will see TCD, DCU, TUD, UCD and UL fight it out with six teams competing for the Cup. In the Chilean Cup UL, DCU, TCD, UCC, TUD, UG and UCD will take to the pitch to bring home the silverware. With 13 teams playing across the weekend the competitions are back to full fire power and is sure to be a worthy spectacle for the travelling supporters and hockey enthusiasts.

Last year UL brought home both the Chilean and Mauritius Plate while the Chilean Cup headed to Ulster University Elks and the Mauritius Cup went to TU Dublin.

Saturday October 29th 2022
9:00am Mauritius Cup TCD Trojans v DCU Men
10:15am Mauritius Cup TCD Men v UL Men
11:30am Chilean Cup  (Q2) UL Ladies v DCU Ladies
12:45pm Chilean Cup  (Q3) TCD Ladies v UCC Ladies
14:00pm Chilean Cup  (Q4) TUD Ladies v UG Ladies
15:15pm Mauritius Cup TUD Men v Winners of TCD Trojans/DCU Men
16:30pm Mauritius Cup UCD Men v Winners of TCD Men/UL Men
17:45pm Chilean Cup R’Up of Ladies Q2 v R’Up of ladies Q3
19:00pm Chilean Cup UCD Ladies v Winners of UCC Ladies/TCD Ladies
20:15pm Chilean Cup Winner of Ladies Q2 v Winner of Ladies Q4
Sunday October 30th 2022
10:15am Mauritius Cup Mens 5/6 Playoff
11:30am Chilean Cup R’Up of Ladies Q3 v R’Up of Ladies Q4
12:45pm Mauritius Cup Mens 3/4 Playoff
14:00pm Chilean Cup R’Up of Ladies Q2 v R’Up of Ladies Q4
15:15pm Chilean Cup Ladies 3/4 Playoff
16:30pm Chilean Cup Ladies Final
17:45pm Mauritius Cup Mens Final