AccessNI (Northern Ireland)


Vetting is the pre-checking of an applicant’s background for criminal convictions or prosecutions. Vetting is just one part of Hockey Ireland’s overall Recruitment and Selection Policy, the aim of which is to ensure that children and vulnerable people playing our sport do so in safe and fun environment. There are two types of vetting checks available to hockey

  • National Vetting Bureau (NVB)
  • Access NI  (ANI)

Hockey Ireland is registered with the National Vetting Bureau and has appointed a Liaison Person responsible for processing applications to carry out vetting checks for affiliated hockey clubs. Ulster Hockey is registered with Access NI and has an appointed Lead Signatory. If an individual is filling a position in the Republic of Ireland, Garda Vetting via the NVB is implemented. If an individual is filling a position in Northern Ireland, Access NI checking is implemented. Ulster Hockey is the registered body for hockey clubs with AccessNI, the organisation responsible for vetting. This means that clubs based in Northern Ireland should have NO direct dealings with AccessNI but must operate through Ulster Hockey. For information on the AccessNI Recruitment Process, click here. If you have any queries on the AccessNI Recruitment Process, please contact Hilary Reid on or + 44 (0) 7802 381 444.

Useful Documents

AccessNI Application Form

Ulster Hockey Privacy Policy

Child Protection in Sport Unit


Statutory guidance on activity which when unsupervised, is regulated activity