Why Sponsor?

Hockey is one of the largest team sports in Ireland with 144,000 participants across the country in schools, clubs, provincial and national setups.

Hockey has a long history in Ireland, having been played competitively here since the 1870s.

The sport is entrenched in Irish society, especially amongst schoolchildren, the game is enjoyed by a committed and well-connected player and support base across boys, girls, men and women of all ages.



  • International: We punch well above our weight at international level, qualifying for three consecutive Olympic Games and competing in FIH Pro League against the world’s elite international hockey teams. 
  • Domestic: Our domestic competitions are highly competitive and well organised, with our Irish Senior Cup being the oldest Club Hockey cup competition in the world (since 1894). 
  • Community: Our footprint and positive profile continue to grow. We represent 27,500 paid and registered members, 160 Clubs, 280 Schools and a playing population of nearly 150,000. 
  • Inclusion & gender representation: Hockey is an extremely well-placed sport for equal gender representation and inclusion. Our IRL Women took silver in the Hockey World Cup 2018, providing an unprecedented showcase for women in sport for Ireland. Our positive gender representation also includes our Umpire network where we have one of the best female international umpires and who will officiate in the Paris 2024 Games. Our extensive volunteer base as well as our Board of Directors are also equally represented and present as best in class across all sports 



Corporations who associate themselves with hockey experience multi-faceted benefits that directly impact their bottom line by strengthening their brand position and allowing them to bond closely with key customer groups that conventional marketing channels cannot present.  

Hockey Ireland can bring your brand to young families, children and professional groups who: 

  • Practice and enjoy fit and well lifestyles 
  • Are ‘outdoors’, active people 
  • Are generally affluent with disposable incomes 
  • Are highly social and very well connected with large reference groups 

Aside from the opportunities this presents to you to strengthen your brand, involvement in a sport that is so highly developed at community level also provides benefits in community and social responsibility, as well as giving your valued clients and partners the opportunity to enjoy exhilarating match action and relaxing corporate hospitality.  



Our simple goal in any sponsorship is to develop a partnership with you to ensure that the people in your target markets look favourably on you. Whether this means new brand awareness, existing brand reinforcement, product promotion or simply showing that you are a good corporate citizen is up to you. 

Aside from high level exposure through Hockey Ireland itself, our sponsorship offerings are heavily geared to the markets that underpin our sport. Within this framework, we see our tournaments and fixtures as delivery agents of value, through which we can gear specific exposure towards a specific target market. 

In short, we invite you to sponsor a market – your market. We’ll then design the right combination of platforms, teams, tournaments and fixtures to deliver exposure to that market for you, consistently throughout the year. 


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