Umpiring is a fantastic way to learn more about hockey, to develop your skills and progress through the umpiring grades. Whether you want to get involved at club level, or have aspirations to umpire at the international stage, you can gain help and support from Hockey Ireland, your provincial umpiring association and the Irish Hockey Umpires Association (IHUA).


Umpire Development Pathway


The Umpire Development Pathway aims to support the growth of umpiring in Ireland in an efficient and sustainable manner. The initial focus is on growing the base of umpires through accessible step by step courses, before further developing umpires through opportunities and support at provincial, national and international levels.  

The online rules test must be completed before an individual can sign up to the Fundamentals of Umpiring module 1. Fundamentals module 1 must be completed before signing up to Fundamentals module 2, an online Q and A session.   

Once an individual has completed their online rules and Fundamentals Modules 1 and 2, they will be recognised as a club umpire (a club umpire means an individual has the skills to begin umpiring unappointed club games but will not yet have been assessed). They can then access provincial workshops here.

Many umpires are happy umpiring only at their club, the goal of the new pathway is to improve the standard of those club umpires while lessening the gap between club umpires and provincial panels. If you wish to progress to provincial level you will receive a wide range of appointments along with support from your provincial association. In order to join your provincial association you must have completed and passed an assessment. Your provincial Umpiring Association will provide details on how to arrange this.

A small number of umpires each year will then progress to National Panel. The Irish Hockey Umpires Association (IHUA) is responsible for recruitment and development of umpires operating at this level.



Next Live Q&A webinars: 

International Umpire Alison Keogh will be taking the online Q&A session on the Tuesday 26th March 2024 at 7.30pm

International Umpire Gillian Garrett will be taking the online Q&A session on the Wednesday 24th April 2024 at 7.30pm

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Young Umpire Programme – For those aged 14 – 18, it is a good idea to get signed up to a Young Umpire programme where you will learn the basics of umpiring, and get to give it a try in a safe and supportive environment. 


The Young Umpire Program


The Young Umpire Programme runs in partnership with Hockey Ireland, the Provincial Umpire Associations and The IHUA.

The programme has a theory and practical element. The theory element gives Young umpires the chance to review footage from games in an interactive learning environment. While the practical element allows hands on experience under the guidance and direction of senior umpires for the duration of the programme and upcoming youth hockey season.

The course is 4 hours in duration. The Theory element takes around 1 hour and covers basics including positioning, signalling and general rules. The remainder of the course is spent gaining practical umpiring experience. The cost of the course is €20 per person, for this Young umpires will be given a workbook, whistle and t-shirt as part of the programme along with opportunities to umpire throughout the hockey season at youth hockey blitzes, final days and indoor competitions.

The course is designed for young people aged 14 to 18, focusing primarily on how to umpire youth hockey, looking specifically at U9, U11 and U13 hockey.

The Young Umpires course is the first course in the hockey umpiring pathway and is a great way to get a taste of umpiring.

For more information on upcoming courses or to run a course in your club please contact