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    Coach Ned...
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    Dublin 2015...
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  • 1 Ireland V France February 2015
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Chloe Watkins Off The Pitch 5 Facts 27/02/2015
Chloe Watkins 07/03/1992 115 Caps Q. What was the first CD/tape that you bought? Britney Spears- Hit Me Baby One...

World League 2 Men - San Diego 26/02/2015
The Men's World League 2 Qualifiers is the first half of the Men's Olympic qualifications process and...

Hannah Matthews Off The Pitch 5 Facts 26/02/2015
Hannah Matthews24/03/1991 17 Caps Q. Describe an embarrassing athletic moment At training I went to trap the...

Last Chance For Early Bird Tickets! 26/02/2015
This Saturday is your last chance to pick up the Early Bird World League 2 Season Tickets. A ticket...

Green Machine on BBC Newsline on Friday 26/02/2015
We are delighted to announce that BBC NI will be airing a feature piece on the Men’s squad this Friday, February...

2015-02-21Irish Senior Cup - Women
Ulster Elks 1 vs1 Railway Union@UUJ
Cork Harlequins 0 vs3 Hermes Hockey Club@Harlequins Park
2015-02-21IHC Men 2014/15
Weston 0 vs4 Dublin University@Griffeen Park Lucan
2015-02-07IHL 2014/15 Women Pool B
Ards 4 vs2 Ulster Elks@Ards Leisure Centre
Greenfields 0 vs10 UCD@Dangan
Cork Harlequins 2 vs3 Loreto Hockey Club@Deramore Park
2015-02-07IHL 2014/15 Women Pool A
UCC 1 vs6 Railway Union@The Mardyke
Ballymoney 1 vs3 Hermes Hockey Club@Joey Dunlop Centre
Pegasus 4 vs0 Lurgan@Queens University
2015-02-07IHL 2014/15 Men Pool B
Lisnagarvey 2 vs4 Three Rock Rovers@Comber Road
UCD 3 vs7 Cork Church of Ireland@Belfield Water
Railway Union 1 vs3 Banbridge@Park Avenue
2015-02-07IHL 2014/15 Men Pool A
Annadale 0 vs4 Pembroke Wanderers@Instonians
Cookstown 1 vs2 Instonians@Steelweld Park
UCC 0 vs4 Monkstown@The Mardyke
2015-02-07IHC women 2014/15
Coleraine 2 vs1 Botanic@Coleraine
Blackrock HC 0 vs1 NUIG@Ursuline Sec School, Blackrock, Cork
Athlone 0 vs4 Wexford@Athlone
Gorey 0 vs5 Clonmel@Gorey
2015-02-07IHC Men 2014/15
Portrane 3 vs0 Mullingar@ALSAA sports complex
Bray 1 vs5 Dublin University@Loreto Bray
Armagh 3 vs2 Naas@Ardmore
2015-01-24Irish Senior Cup - Women
Cork Harlequins 2 vs1 Pegasus@Harlequins Park
Hermes Hockey Club 2 vs1 Belfast Harlequins@St Andrews College
Glenanne 1 vs4 Railway Union@Glenanne Park
Ulster Elks 4 vs2 Lisnagarvey@UUJ
2015-01-10Irish Senior Cup - Men
Lisnagarvey 3 vs4 Cork Church of Ireland@Comber Road
2014-12-13IHL 2014/15 Men Pool A
Pembroke Wanderers 1 vs5 Monkstown@Serpentine Avenue
2014-11-29IHL 2014/15 Women Pool B
Ards 3 vs1 Cork Harlequins@Ards Leisure Centre
UCD 1 vs0 Loreto Hockey Club@Belfield Water
Ulster Elks 2 vs0 Greenfields@UUJ
2014-11-29IHL 2014/15 Women Pool A
Lurgan 1 vs1 Ballymoney@Lurgan JHS
Railway Union 1 vs3 Pegasus@Park Avenue
Hermes Hockey Club 2 vs0 UCC@St Andrews College
2014-11-29IHL 2014/15 Men Pool B
Banbridge 4 vs4 Lisnagarvey@Havelock Park
Three Rock Rovers 5 vs1 UCD@Grange Road
Cork Church of Ireland 2 vs3 Railway Union@Garryduff
2014-11-29IHL 2014/15 Men Pool A
Instonians 2 vs1 Annadale@Shawsbridge
Monkstown 1 vs1 Cookstown@Rathdown
Pembroke Wanderers 6 vs1 UCC@Serpentine Avenue

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