Fundamentals of Umpiring Module 2 – Connacht 24th September 2022

We have an upcoming Fundamentals of umpiring module 2 practical session taking place in Athlone Hockey Club on Saturday 24th September 2022 from 11:00am.

The aim of Fundamentals Module 2 is to ensure that the basic skills outlined in Module 1 can be put into practice, i.e. that participants know where to stand, know their areas of control, demonstrate appropriate signalling, and use their whistle correctly. Following completion of this Module participants should be comfortable with these basic umpiring tools and will be able to practice in un-appointed, league games. Specifically, it is envisaged that lower league games or u16 matches would be the target level of matches that people undertaking this Module should aim for.

There is no assessment associated with this module, instead participants will be provided with informal feedback on areas to improve on. Participants will chat with mentors on site who will suggest areas to work on around the topics of positioning, signalling, body language, whistle use, etc. Examples of necessary skills for this level:

  • Effective use of whistle including change in tone
  • Basic positioning
  • Makes decisions with appropriate signals
  • Starts to differentiate between basic stick clashes and fouls

Sessions will run from 11:00am with a second session to be organised if we have the numbers. There will be briefings by experienced umpire mentors followed by umpire training in a match situation with observation time and followed up by group and individual feedback sessions. Certificates will be issued after this course.

Spaces limited to 8 for each session and to book on click here please note this course is first come first served with bookings only available through our online booking system.