Hockey Ireland achieved Xcessible Bronze Award

Hockey Ireland is delighted to have achieved the Xcessible Bronze Award, run by Cara and Sport Ireland. Xcessible has been developed to help support and empower national governing bodies to provide opportunities positively and meaningfully for people with disabilities to take part, sustain participation and excel in sport and physical activity in a number of roles.

Reflecting on the success of Hockey Ireland in achieving the Xcessible Bronze Award; Cara’s Sport Inclusion Coordinator Odhrán Doherty said:

“Cara is delighted to recognise the outstanding work undertaken by Hockey Ireland in developing structures and strategies to empower the inclusion of people with disabilities within Hockey in Ireland by awarding them with the Xcessible Bronze Award. 

“It is clear to see the commitment and passion of Hockey Ireland towards inclusion and it is great to see the progress they made in 2021, particularly in how they are using the Sport Inclusion Disability Charter, Inclusive Coach Education, Inclusive Club interventions and Xcessible to drive their ambitions alongside innovative programmes to increase participation.

“We congratulate Hockey Ireland on their achievements so far and look forward to supporting them on the next stage of their journey in 2022.”

Xcessible is a three staged resourced pathway designed to ease an national governing body or local sport partnership into the area of Inclusion and supports them through the process of developing and increasing their capacity to support people with disabilities within sport and physical activity.

The main purpose of the programme is to enable NGBs and LSPs to function inclusively with limited support from specialist agencies and to enable them to realise their vision of inclusion and to understand and reflect on their current provisions and philosophy of inclusion for people with disabilities.