Hockey Ireland Coronavirus (COVID-19) UPDATE No. 4

Hockey Ireland Coronavirus (COVID-19) UPDATE No. 4
9 April 2020

Hockey Ireland on 26 March announced that the 2019/20 hockey season for all league, cup and all other domestic hockey competitions in Ireland are deemed to have finished.

The Hockey Ireland Board and Hockey Ireland Branches are acutely aware of the scale of the health crisis facing the island of Ireland at this time, as well as the energetic strain that Covid-19 is currently placing on people in all aspects of their lives. In a time of such uncertainty for everyone, the Board and the Branches are keen to provide clarity, while also respecting the magnitude of effort each player, coach, umpire, volunteer, school, club and hockey entity has invested into this season.

The Hockey Ireland Board, in consultation with the Branches and on recommendation of the Competitions Working Group, have decided the following:

The EYHL 1 and 2 season 19/20 has been stopped and has been declared null and void as there are too many games left to play to determine a fair final ranking by mathematical or other method.

The EY Hockey Champions Trophy is cancelled for the 19/20 season.

There will be no automatic promotion/relegation in the EYHL 1 and 2.

The Board of Hockey Ireland has asked the EYHL Competitions Group to consider options of increasing the number of teams in the EYHL league(s) for the 20/21 season and report back to the Board with their recommendations. The Board have also received proposals to explore a full season EYHL2 concept and the Board have asked the EYHL Competitions Group to look into the viability of implementing this and make recommendations to the Board.

European club competition places will be determined at a later stage by the Board pending the outcome of the current European season and a conclusive decision from the European Hockey Federation (EHF).

The Hockey Ireland Branches will use a percentage equalisation method to complete league standings in their respective province. It is up to each province to make decisions on relegation and promotion and the Branch competition rules apply.

Branch Cup Competitions: If Cups are at Semi Final or Final stage or can be completed, they are postponed. The Branches will look for an opportunity to play these (early) in the 2020/21 season. If no opportunity arises, the Cup competitions will be cancelled.

Hockey Ireland Cups, Hockey Ireland Trophy and Hockey Ireland Challenge Finals and Semi Finals are postponed. Hockey Ireland will look for an opportunity to play them (early) in the 2020/21 season. If no opportunity arises these competitions will be cancelled.

Other Hockey Ireland competitions:

Kate Russell All Ireland Schoolgirls Championships

26th and 27th March


John Waring All Ireland Schoolboys Championship

1st April


June Smith Competition

2nd April


National U15 Girls Championship

9th May


National U15 Boys Championship

10th May


Junior Interprovincials

16th and 17th May


U13 Championships

30th May




Hockey Ireland would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this time and appreciates the efforts many of you are going to in order to continue training while at home.

Please keep safe. For further information on Covid-19:

If you have any further queries, please email