Hockey Ireland EGM – November 25th, 2022

On Thursday, November 25, an Extraordinary General Meeting of Hockey Ireland was held to discuss and vote on four special resolutions.

The special resolutions related to the individual membership system which came into effect at the AGM on May 20th, 2021. In each instance, and in accordance with the company constitution, a 75% majority was required to pass each special resolution. 

The Special Resolutions were:

1) That, IRISH HOCKEY COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTEE do not implement or impose the individual affiliation fees notified to members at the AGM of the 20th May 2021.
2) That, IRISH HOCKEY COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTEE Member Club Affiliation rates for 2021/22 season be set at the same rates of the 2019/2020 season.
3) That, IRISH HOCKEY COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTEE refund any individual affiliation fee already paid for the 2021/22 season.
4) That, any further changes to affiliation fees or methods of collection for subsequent hockey seasons shall be proposed by the board of IRISH HOCKEY COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTEE at an Annual General Meeting and agreed by a majority of voting members.

Special Resolution 1 received a 46% vote in favour, 52% against with 2% abstentions.
Special Resolution 2 received 55% in favour, 38% against with 7% abstentions.
Special Resolution 3 received 43% in favour, 53% against with 4% abstentions.
Special Resolution 4 received 97% in favour, 2% against with 1% abstentions.

With the resolutions not reaching the threshold required, this means the individual membership system will remain in place on the same basis as outlined at the AGM on May 20th, 2021.

Hockey Ireland members now have until January 1st, 2022 to complete their registration and payment of fees.

Speaking about the outcome of the EGM, Hockey Ireland Chairman of the Board Trevor Watkins thanked the participants in the meeting for their input and contributions to the debate.

“On behalf of the board of Hockey Ireland, I wish to thank every club for taking part and actively engaging with the EGM tonight,” Watkins said.

“It was an important debate and encouraging to see the passion for our sport. The EGM was the largest general meeting we have held with 97 club delegates registering and over 130 interested parties joining the call and contributing to the discussion.

“As a board and as Hockey Ireland, we will take on board issues raised at the meeting to help guide our future plans and offer the best possible governance for our members.”