Irish Hockey League Review

A Working Group was established by the Board of Hockey Ireland to undertake a review of the EYHL.

The review was to encompass both EYHL 1 and EYHL 2.

The review group proceeded with the following remit:

“Undertake a review of the format of EY Hockey Leagues, incorporating input from stakeholders at all levels, with stakeholders having a meaningful mechanism to input into the process and that their input is listened to and considered by the review group.”

Irish Hockey League Review Group Recommendations

The above IHL Review Group Recommendation Document and the recommendations within have been adopted by the Hockey Ireland Board, and the following changes will apply:



  • EYHL 1 to remain as a full league competition of 10 teams
  • Promotion / Relegation between EYHL 1 & EYHL 2 to “2 up / 2 down” ( no 9th / 2nd place playoffs )
  • All EYHL 1 & 2 squads to be maximum of 16 players
  • Change from top 4 to top 6 to go through to EY1 Champions Trophy Finals  – 1st and 2nd placed teams progressing straight to Semi Finals with 3rd / 4th / 5th & 6th playing in Quarter Finals with winners progressing to  Semi Finals


Women’s: The winners of each of the two 5 team sections to go through to progress to the Semi Finals with the 2nd and 3rd in place team in each section to play off in Quarter Finals and winners progressing to the Semi Finals

Men’s: No changes for 2021 / 22 season


2022 / 23


  • Both EYHL 2 Competitions to be made up of 10 teams played in 2 groups of 5 – in parallel with Provincial leagues
  • Qualification for Promotion playoffs to be as Women’s for 2021 / 22
  • Existing Provincial qualifications for Women’s to remain in place
  • Men’s EYHL 2 to consist of 3 teams from Leinster / Munster & Ulster with 10th place determined by a play off between Leinster / Ulster teams – Play offs to be completed at the end of the season so that qualified teams for the following season are confirmed