Sport Ireland Resilience Fund

Recently, Sport Ireland announced a new scheme of funding to help support clubs who have found the pandemic financially challenging 

This scheme is available to hockey-only clubs:    

Key points: 

  • The grant scheme is designed to support sporting activity only 
  • Multi-sports clubs can apply for funding via their Local Sports Partnership 
  • These funds are not aimed to replace lost income from ancillary activities such as hospitality, sub-letting facilities or other non-sporting commercial activity 
  • Clubs can apply by applying to Hockey Ireland  
  • Hockey Ireland will review applications and those deemed viable will be submitted to Sport Ireland on behalf of each club  

Hockey Ireland has included some guidance notes within the application form and will also run a webinar on Thursday 13th August from 19.00 – 20.30. To register for this webinar, please click here  

To download the application form Covid 19 Grant Scheme Application Forms HI.docx  

Process and Timeline: 

  • Club applications must be submitted to before 17.00 on 28th August 2020 
  • Applications will then be collated by Hockey Ireland and submitted to Sport Ireland before Monday 14th September 
  • Sport Ireland will make an initial assessment on the level of request under each scheme. 
  • Final decisions will need to take into account the level of demand across the schemes. 
  • Depending on the level of submissions, the outcome of those deliberations will be communicated to sports organisations in October 
  • Subject to approval and standard Terms & Conditions, the process of payment will begin thereafter