Under-18 Girls invited to national training camp

The following players have been invited for Under-18 Girls National training camps on January 2nd and January 4th 2022.

The Under-18 managers will be in touch with players regarding details of the sessions.

1  Ella PASLEY  Leinster  
2  Ava  MALEADY  Leinster  
3  Georgie FOTTERELL  Leinster  
4  Alex GALLAGHER  Leinster  
5  Roisin  SEXTON   Leinster  
6  Sally  TRAYNOR  Leinster  
7  Mikayla  POWER  Leinster  
8  Rebecca  CARTHY  Leinster  
9  Martha  DUIGNAM  Leinster GK 
10  Katie  MOORE  Munster  
11  Ruby WALSH  Munster  
12  Jenny MCLAUGHLIN   Munster  
13  Kate  RYAN  Munster  
14  Robyn  MURPHY  Munster  
15  Holly  COMER  Connacht  GK 
16  Olivia   BEATTIE  Ulster    
17  Alex BYRNE  Ulster  
18  Anna  PIM  Ulster    
19  Eva GASTON  Ulster  
20  Darcy   MCGALL  Ulster  
21  Abbie   ROBINSON   Ulster GK 
22  Gabriella  SCOTT  Ulster    
23  Jodie  SIMMONS  Ulster    
24  Ella   BROWN  Ulster    
25  Sarah   KIRGAN  Ulster    
26  Emma  UPRICHARD  Ulster  
27  Enya  DARBY  Ulster GK 
28  Kaia  MOORE  Ulster  

The following 4 players are invited for a further assessment on January 2nd 2022(only) 

1  Aoibheann  COLLINS  Munster  
2  Zoe HANDCOCK  Leinster South   
3  Sarah  MCFARLAND  Leinster  
4  Jessica  MCCONN WALSH  Leinster