Hockey Ireland Athlete Selection Policy

The Hockey Ireland performance plan aims to develop players and a national programme capable of sustainable international success. This document outlines a framework and transparency for the identification and selection of players to senior Irish teams. This selection policy is designed to cover the selection of players to senior teams for all major competitions. Please note that in the case of the Olympic Games, Hockey Ireland will use the criteria to select players to nominate to the Olympic Federation of Ireland (OFI).

The OFI has sole responsibility for final selection to the Irish Olympic Team. Please note that the timelines and eligibility factors for each competition will be bound by those set down externally by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), The International Hockey Federation (FIH) and the Olympic Federation of Ireland.

This policy is subject to change by Hockey Ireland in order to facilitate amendments to international competition or OFI requirements. Any amendments to the policy will be communicated to the training panels.

The objectives of the policy are:

i. To provide a clear and fair process on for the selection of players for both senior men and women’s squads for all major competitions;

ii. to select players who will achieve the best possible results in accordance with the targets outlined in the Hockey Ireland performance plan.

The full document can found here: