Douglas Grey

Douglas Grey

Douglas Grey, a sports enthusiast, played most codes, but concentrated mainly on hockey and golf. He played in goal for 10 years at Leinster Senior League then moved outfield to play a further 10 years at Senior League level.

Always an administrator for Corinthian Hockey Club, the Dublin man filled most offices including Secretary, Club Captain and Trustee. He was Honorary Secretary of the Leinster Branch, Vice President 1990 -1992, and President 1992 – 1994.

Douglas continued to move upwards and became Honorary Secretary of the Irish Hockey Union 1980 – 1986 and was Vice President before the amalgamation with Irish Ladies Hockey Union.

Douglas was a member of the amalgamation committee in 2000 to oversee the unification of the two hockey bodies to comply with the requirements of the International Hockey Federation.

He was also elected a member of the Board of the International Hockey Federation in 1986 and remained a member until 1998. Douglas was invited to serve as Honorary Treasurer of the International Federation 2002 – 2004.

He was appointed Honorary Secretary of the European Nations Committee in 1990 with special responsibility for the Nations Cup and all junior hockey in Europe.

From 1986 – 2012 Douglas acted as Tournament Director and Technical Officer for International and European Federations at various competitions throughout the world including World Cups, Euro Nations Cups, Champions Trophies etc.

He attended the Olympic Games in Seoul 1988, Athens 2004 and London 2012.

Douglas was presented with the Merit Badge in 1984 by the Irish Hockey Union and was later ratified as a Honorary Life Member when the two associations amalgamated in 2000 forming the Irish Hockey Association.

After many years of dedicated service to hockey, Douglas’ sporting involvement is now restricted to watching football on TV and playing a little bad golf !