Biographies, gathered from various sources, of the players who have represented Ireland at men’s senior international level. If you have photographs, articles, video clips and audio interviews please forward to and we can include it in these pages.

Choose the initial of the player’s surname from the alphabetic index below and select a name from the list of players which appears. If we are missing a player or their biographies please email with their information and we will insert it into the relevant page

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Cahill Harry
Cairnes, J.E.
Campbell, Walter.I.V.
Canning, Liam
Canning, Ross
Cargo, Chris
Carley, J.
Carlisle, Drew
Carr, Jamie
Carrol, A
Carrol, J.
Carroll, Kenny
Carson, Alvin G.
Carson, David
Carson, J.C.
Carson, R.H.
Carter, R.W.
Carton, P.
Caruth, Peter
Casey, G.
Casey, T.
Chadwick, Luke
Chambers, W.D.
Clarke, Dan
Clarke, G.N.
Clarke, John  C.
Clifford, R.F.M.
Coates, E.
Coburn, J.
Coburn, N.
Cockram, Timothy
Cole, David
Cole, Jonathan
Cole, Lee
Cole, Stephen
Cook, C.W.
Cooke, Neil
Cooke, Paul
Cork, M.H.
Corkern, J.
Corry, James
Coulson, D.J.
Coulter, W.
Courtney, S.C.
Cox, J.C.
Craig, J.K.
Crawford, Norman G.
Crawford, W.R.
Crawley, W.S.C.
Creighton, B
Cross, Tim
Crozier, F.R.M.
Cull, H.C.
Cullen, Mark
Cummins, Eddie